Not only does our staff of Registered Nurses have sound medical knowledge, they have also acquired years of legal experience, as well, so you know your case will be reviewed quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly in regard to matters of both medicine and the law.

More than just a summary of medical records, our Customized Nurse Reviews contain all the information you need to quickly interpret what your next course of action should be.  Each review is tailored to reflect the specific drug or device involved in your case, delineate current FDA protocols, and document current science, or any other criteria required for individual or multi-district litigation.

Case Making Quality

With a Customized Nurse Review from MEL, you can expect:

Superior Information

MEL defines all medical terminology and details all pertinent information as it relates to the drug, device or overall case.

Case Value

Mel offers an at-a-glance snapshot of an overall case to determine case value, followed by an in-depth report to substantiate the claim.

Comprehensive Investigation

MEL leaves no stone unturned when reviewing medical records. We highlight both the positives and negatives of a case, and supply critical information on interactions of concurrent medications/treatments that have previously played a factor on a particular injury or condition.

Products and Services MEL Offers


This quick, cost-effective review outlines the basic elements of a case and contains information such as:  product ID, brand vs. generic, description of injury, confounding risk factors, pre-existing conditions, and concurrent medications, as well as any necessary documentation to complete the Case Review. 

Complete Medical Chronology/Damage Model

An in-depth summary of all pertinent information extracted from the medical records, presented in a Chronological Events Format. This report also defines strengths and weaknesses in the case, as well as recommends potential experts that might be required for testimony or consultation.

Detailed Billing Summary

This thorough, detailed itemization of all provider and insurance bills ascertains the total costs associated with damages for the case by pulling out relevant injuries, along with the CPT, ICD codes to match with expenditures.  (This summary can also be used as a valuable tool for lien resolution.)

Grid Development/Spreadsheet Categorization

Regardless of which report MEL produces, all cases are managed, tracked, and categorized by injury, product ID, confounding factors, and so forth, to ensure a seamless transition once a settlement grid is place.