Whether for mass tort or an individual malpractice case, having access to a timely, accurate, and thorough medical retrieval service is essential for determining case merit and winning your suit.

At MEL, we’ve combined an unparalleled set of medical knowledge and legal experience, with a nurse-trained staff and uncompromising standards of customer service you won’t find with a third-party medical retrieval firm.

The MEL Difference: Nurse-Owned, Nurse-Managed

At MEL, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver the information you need — without inundating you with pages and pages of superfluous data. Our background in nursing gives us the advantage of knowing exactly which records must be kept for each procedure. This means we only the pertinent data – and you save both time and money.

But that’s not the only factor that sets us apart:

Fast and Accurate

MEL’s nurse-managed, well-trained staff is well-versed in a wide array of medical and legal procedures. They know what to request and where to get it, ensuring a quick turnaround time without sacrificing accuracy.


Hospitals may not always be forthcoming with complete medical records. MEL’s staff can go the extra mile to secure records other third-party retrieval firms might miss.


MEL handles every step of the docket, from medical record qualification and record retrieval, to securing expert testimony, ongoing case support, and post-verdict follow-up, leaving legal staff free to focus on other important tasks.

Straightforward Fees

Our simple, straightforward fee structure ensures that you only pay the services you need, whether you choose an a la carte service or a full package.

Compassionate In-House Staff

MEL’s U.S.-based staff is comprised of native English speakers whose caring approach makes it easier for law firm claimants to discuss medical history, treatments, and current health. The information gleaned from these claimant interviews is crucial in ordering the correct scope of medical records from the appropriate medical doctors and facilities.

Need Fast, Accurate, and Thorough Data? Contact MEL

Save time and money, and go into court armed with the information you need to present a powerful, persuasive case. Contact us to learn how MEL’s expert services can help you build a stronger case.