Working smarter, not harder, is what makes MEL’s mass tort services unparalleled in the industry. Preparing your best case for mass tort litigation can be a complicated and arduous task. Unless you know exactly how to source, assess, and properly document pertinent case facts, you can waste vital time and resources pursuing dead ends—or worse, overlook critical data essential to winning a large suit.

MEL’s staff of trained nurses and wide-ranging roster of professional expert witness consultants have the extensive legal, medical and product knowledge to help you make effective, decisive decisions throughout the course of any litigation from pre-trial to settlement phase.

Here’s what we offer:

Plaintiff Screening/Interview

When clients fill out initial intake questionnaires, the information they provide is often incomplete. Without a medical background, it’s hard to know if they’ve supplied a correct account of dates, names, drugs, devices, procedures, and subsequent events.

MEL’s medically trained staff has the deep knowledge and understanding to quickly review existing data for accuracy, and to conduct the kind of thorough, detailed client interviews that are essential to obtaining all the relevant facts in order to determine the merits and strength of a potential mass tort case.


Record Retrieval

With MEL, you won’t just get medical records; you’ll get the right records. Thanks to our precise screening procedures, MEL’s record retrieval service ensures only pertinent records will be requested, and that the dates, drugs, procedures, devices, institutions, and personnel germane to your docket are as complete and accurate as humanly possible—saving you time and money.


Scientific Pharmaceutical Research and Package

After thoroughly researching relevant pharmaceutical data, MEL’s highly skilled experts compile and present a concise, conclusive package of scientific facts that can be used to determine merit, or in support of a potential litigation should you decide to move your case forward.


Nurse Medical Review

The ongoing medical case review conducted by MEL’s trained nursing staff is a checklist for success. As new information becomes available for your docket, we’ll evaluate it for relevance and accuracy, shore up inconsistencies, and obtain additional answers as needed to ensure your case stays on track through every phase of litigation.

Expert Consulting

MEL’s expert roster includes some of the most eminent physicians in their respective fields. But with all the new procedures and drugs coming out, the landscape of medical litigation changes almost daily. At MEL, we realized in order to keep up with emerging trends, we needed to broaden our outreach to include respected members of the scientific/pharmaceutical community and cutting edge medical device engineers. So now, whatever the cause, our experts can help you build a solid, convincing case.



Expert Testimony

It’s easy to find an expert to consult during the pre-trial phase, but finding experts who are willing to testify another story entirely.  You can trust MEL’s thoroughly vetted experts to be there for you in the courtroom to deliver the kind of persuasive testimony that’s critical to winning large settlements.

Settlement Documentation

Whether your mass tort settlement takes two years or ten years, MEL’s nurses continuously compile and coordinate all of your case’s documentation in two invaluable ways.

            The Settlement Grid is a legal work product designed to expedite the overall settlement process by keeping track of pertinent case data from the pre-trial phase throughout the course of your litigation. MEL’s proprietary grid incorporates such information as proper product identification, injury reports, hospitalization data, complications, cost of subsequent care/treatment required, corresponding risk factors, and correct facility and physician/personnel names.

            Settlement Categorization systematically documents information for client attorneys to present in the post-trial phase of litigation.  With years of extensive legal and medical experience to draw on, MEL’s staff is able to anticipate and get a jump on settlement documents for a variety of likely outcomes. When   litigation concludes, we’re able to swiftly and accurately insert the requisite information into your working settlement document to complete it—saving you time and money by putting you 10 steps ahead in the paperwork process.


Need Fast, Accurate, and Thorough Data? Contact MEL

At MEL, we’re uniquely equipped to understand every phase of mass tort litigation from docket vetting and pre-trial preparation, to ongoing review and settlement documentation. Contact us today to see how our staff of trained nurses and roster of esteemed professional experts can ensure a “best case scenario” for your mass tort litigation.