What dockets are you currently working?

We are currently working on many different types of projects but the dockets themselves include:

Mass Tort Projects

Actos GranuFlo &NaturaLyte
Avandia Nuvaring
Byetta/Januvia Pradaxa
DePuy Hip Risperdal
da Vinci SSRI
Depakote TVM
Levaquin/SJS YAZ/Yasmin

Individual Cases

Personal Injury Medical Malpractice
Nursing Home Billing Summaries

What Law Firms have you done business with?

We work with many law firms throughout the country. Over the years our customer list has significantly grown. Please see our testimonial page for a few of our law firm clients or feel free to contact our office for customer referrals.

What is your overall scope of services?

We offer all medical related services from the moment a claimant is signed by a law firm through to final settlement. We will provide a customized proposal for your current needs and requirements.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our services are estimated from an hourly rate. That hourly rate depends on what service you are interested in. For a Mass Tort proposal, we provide our customers with a “cost per case” estimate. This allows our customers to access their overall potential investment with MEL.

What is your standard turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is within 2 business days unless; it is a case or project requiring a particular nurse or doctor specialty. In that scenario, we ask if there is a deadline and when. If we feel as though we cannot realistically meet that timeframe, then we certainly communicate that to our customer.

Do you have Spanish speaking nurses?

Yes we do. We have found that to be very important in our 20 years of doing Mass Tort work.

What is your volume capacity for a Mass Tort project?

It depends when we get the work and what the deadline is. With reasonable timeframes we have significant capacity in administrative support, technology and nursing staff.

Can you assist our Law Firm with locating experts?

Absolutely. MEL has been locating experts for many years. Our database of experts is very diverse and covers most specialties.

Can you help us with ordering and obtaining Medical records?

Yes. We prefer to be involved in this part of the process. It is very important to obtain accurate information from the claimant so that we can quickly obtain the medical records. This lends to increased efficiency as well as our nurses are here to quickly review the records and if needed, order additional records to complete the medical report.

Do you provide Lien Resolution services?

We will soon be providing Lien Resolution services and other post settlement services. We are very excited about this new division of MEL and we plan to make the announcement in the very near future.

Can you assist with Medical Treatment Funding?

MEL is not in the business of providing funding to plaintiffs however we do partner with a few funding companies that could assist your client getting necessary medical treatment. MEL does however, serve as the underwriter for the funding company and will assist in obtaining needed medical records, talking with the client about their current symptoms and conditions as well as help them get their initial doctor’s appointments scheduled. This service is typically only for a Mass Tort project.