For Case-Winning Results, Put MEL on Your Team

Winning cases for your clients isn’t about luck, it’s about being prepared.  Your clients depend on your training, judgement, and savvy to get them the settlements they’re counting on, and the justice they deserve. That’s why serious law firms turn to MEL.  We are the expert medical/legal team with the professional staff who can truly … Continued

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Let Our Expert Find Your Expert

As every attorney knows, strong, believable expert testimony can make or break a case. But with all the variables that go into any docket, finding the one expert who can deliver the kind of compelling, persuasive evidence required to sway a judge or jury in your favor can be like trying to find the proverbial … Continued

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Power Morcellator Litigation: How Strong is Your Case?

Power morcellator procedures are a risky business — especially when patients are subjected to long-term and life-threatening consequences. There’s no question that complications from power morcellator procedures have led to a brisk business in morcellator litigation. That’s why, as an attorney, it’s crucial to be able to assess the strengths — and weaknesses — of … Continued

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