For Case-Winning Results, Put MEL on Your Team

Winning cases for your clients isn’t about luck, it’s about being prepared.  Your clients depend on your training, judgement, and savvy to get them the settlements they’re counting on, and the justice they deserve.

That’s why serious law firms turn to MEL.  We are the expert medical/legal team with the professional staff who can truly give you an advantage in the courtroom. MEL’s got the right team with the right experience to keep you ahead of the curve and give you a clear cut pathway to success.

We work with our clients on every aspect of litigation from pre-trial to post-settlement to ensure all the bases are covered. Our extensive list of expert services includes:

  • Records Retrieval — MEL’s nurse-trained personnel have been on both sides of the legal and medical fields. They understand how doctors and hospitals work, and what it takes to effectively deal with red tape and administration.  And, since they’re keenly aware of what case-appropriate information should be available to them, they’ll know specifically which files to request, and won’t take “no” for an answer. And at MEL, our medical records retrieval services are billed on a flat-fee system. No line items or mark-ups means no unexpected additional costs to our clients.
  • Medical Records Review — Our expert in-house nurse staff routinely reviews case facts to help attorneys and individuals ascertain the merits of potential litigation to determine viability prior to filing.  The nurse-trained personnel are also able to leverage their profound medical knowledge to ensure that all relevant files are present and accounted for before a case goes to court
  • Expert Testimony — As the landscape of science and medicine evolves, MEL keeps abreast of new technology, drugs, and procedures — and the litigation’s that result when things go awry.  Along with a lineup of top-tier traditional practitioners, we’ve broadened our roster of experts to include professionals in the fields of emerging medicine and medical device engineering. MEL’s professional witnesses are fully vetted and carefully matched to each docket. Whether for mass tort or individual clients, these experts consistently provide persuasive insights and fact-based testimony that wins cases.

Big or Small, MEL Delivers

Whether it’s high-profile mass tort litigation, an individual malpractice suit, or a nursing home case, MEL’s commitment to our clients is unwavering. That’s why we’ve been tapped by some of the country’s leading legal firms time and again for prominent pharmaceutical and medical device cases, including:

  • Actos
  • 3M Bair Hugger
  • Invokana
  • IVC Filters
  • Xarelto
  • Pradaxa
  • Risperdal
  • Power Morcellators
  • TVM
  • Zofran

At MEL, we pride ourselves on versatility, tenacity, and commitment to our clients. With years of experience in the legal/medical field, we’re uniquely able to match the appropriate services with specific case needs to provide solutions that are fast, thorough, accurate — and cost-effective.

To discuss our fee structure and scope of services, and to learn how MEL can help you win your case, please contact us at (713) 914-0112 or by email at