Knowledge is Power: Why Superior Medical Record Retrieval & Winning Your Case Go Hand in Hand

Your clients bring their cases to you because you’ve got the training and tactical expertise they’re counting on to win them justice and compensation, but just who are you counting on to get you the critical facts of your case? Shouldn’t you have the same faith in that company as your clients have in you?

Of course you should, and that’s why MEL’s nurse-staffed Records Retrieval Service is fast becoming the go-to team for medical records retrieval for a growing number of attorneys and their clients who’ve learned that MEL empowers them to prevail in court.

A Well Trained Staff is a Winning Staff

As we’ve said before, whether for a mass tort or an individual malpractice suit, having a medical retrieval service that’s timely, accurate, and professional can make or break your case.

At MEL, your case will be handled from start to finish by our highly-experienced, versatile, tenacious staff members who understand how to prioritize the importance of the specific data requests in your docket. In addition, our personnel not only know the difference between the right and wrong responses to the questions they’re asking, they’re actually aware if information is missing, and will always go the extra mile to unearth the critical answers you need to bolster your case.

MEL’s organized, savvy staff can separate the wheat from the chaff, saving you and your staff time and money that could be spent on more pressing legal matters relevant to your client’s case.

Our nurse-trained roster of employees has the legal and medical credibility that allows them to communicate with doctors, hospital administrators and plaintiffs with ease, authority, understanding, and compassion.

And finally, at MEL, you know you can count on our team to deliver their best effort because professionalism and commitment are part and parcel of what we do.